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Colour Devices

Match that perfect colour like never before.
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  • Colour Devices

    Over the past decade color control has been transformed, making it possible to achieve consistency from design to final product for today’s complex color demands. Digital designs demand accurate on-screen colors. Even the most advanced monitors require adjustment for different lighting conditions and environments to maximize their performance. Calibrating your display lets you control what you see on your monitor and ensures colors are accurate and consistent day-to-day, image-to-image, or on multiple systems for print, Web or video output.

    Ideal for agencies, corporate in-house, photographers and freelance designers, these solutions give you the freedom to design with any colour from the visible spectrum, even ones you never thought possible. Now you can swing from inspiration to production without losing colour quality.

    These solutions allow you to communicate colour information across multiple locations throughout your workflow and realise significant quality improvements—reduce cycle time, increase efficiency of colour data communication, minimise waste, create multiple formulation matches and get control of colour faster, more accurately. The result: higher levels of productivity, overall consistent quality and increased customer satisfaction—a definite advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.

    • Color Cue®2.1

      GoeGuide CoatedGet what you want without any guessing. Now you can confidently capture colour in seconds with this portable electronic PANTONE Color Library. Simply place the Color Cue®2.1 on the colour you want to match and a quick reading gives you the closest corresponding PANTONE Color, selected from the full range of PANTONE PLUS Solid Colors, PANTONE Goe System Colors, PANTONE FASHION + HOME Color System and PANTONE PAINTS + INTERIORS Color System. Another touch of the button translates the PANTONE Color into RGB, HTML and L*a*b* values.


      • Portable, battery-powered device.
      • Selectable screen displays.
      • Store and recall up to 30 colour readings
      • Identifies neighborhood colours - lighter/darker colours, redder/greener colours, yellower/bluer colours, close colours
      • New and improved LCD display
      • Stylish protective case
    • X-Rite i1Display LT

      i1Display LTGet serious colour accuracy on screen quickly and easily. The i1Display LT offers an easy solution for professional calibration and profiling of all types of monitor: LCDs, CRTs and laptops.


      • Swiss-engineered i1Display colourimeter
      • i1Match Software with Easy Mode monitor profiling
      • Before and After calibration comparison
      • Customizable recalibration auto-reminders
      • Push Button calibration for leading industry displays
      • Removable light head for ambient measurements
      • i1Share software for creating, evaluating and communicating colour
      • Interactive training modules and Digital Pantone Library
      • Easy upgrade path to i1Display 2
    • X-Rite i1Display 2

      i1Display 2i1Display 2 provides unparalleled functionality for high quality profile results

      Working with a calibrated and profiled monitor is essential for professional photographers and designers. The X-Rite i1Display 2 offers the tools you need to attain high-end, accurate, on-screen colour, whether in your own studio or in a collaborative production environment. With i1Display 2, you can precisely measure all types of displays - including LCDs, CRTs and laptops.

      The included i1Match software offers two modes. Easy Mode provides great results with a few simple clicks, while Advanced Mode helps experienced users achieve the best possible monitor calibration with optimized brightness and contrast controls, custom gamma and white point, reference profiles to match multiple monitors, and unlimited gamma and white point settings.

      The X-Rite i1Display 2 enhanced monitor features such as Workgroup Match, Ambient Check and Match, Push Button Calibration and Validation help you get the exact colour, every time, and Trend Controls keep you in touch with performance.

      i1Display 2 Measurement Device:

      • Compact award-winning colourimeter for emissive colour measurements of LCD, CRT and laptop displays
      • Highest sensitivity in dark areas for better control in shadow detail and more neutral gray scale
      • Detachable ambient light head to capture ambient light measurements and protect your device
      • Easily attaches to all models of LCD and CRT monitors with included built-in counterweight and suction cups
      • USB powered
      • Use at multiple workstations without additional licensing fees

      i1Match Software

      • Software interface provides an Easy Mode for great results with a few simple clicks, plus an Advanced Mode for experienced users to achieve the best possible monitor calibration.
      • Workgroup Match: Utilize reference profiles to match all monitors in your workgroup
      • Unlimited gamma white point and luminance settings, including native gamma and measure luminance as target
      • Ambient Match: Check ambient light and adapt profiles for different ambient light environments
      • One push button monitor calibration (PBC) support for leading industry monitors. (Please see Specifications tab for complete listing.)
      • Gray balance optimization for more neutral and better defined grays
      • Profile summary report ideal for post profile analysis
      • Validation: Monitor validation and trending graph
      • Before and after images show instant results
      • Profile reminder to ensure true and reliable colour over time
      • Easy to follow on-screen help guides - no extra manuals needed
    • PANTONE huey™ PRO

      GoeSticks CoatedIt''s all about the colour. Colour in your photos, colour in your designs, colour online and more importantly, colour on your display.

      Features & Benefits

      • World’s first built-in ambient light sensor enables consistency never seen before in any lighting condition - Embedded with a high-precision sensor, huey automatically measures the ambient light within a room for a new level of precision calibration. Even after the calibration process, huey will observe the light falling on the display and automatically adjust the screen brightness for accurate onscreen viewing any time of the day.
      • TRUE COLOR. From monitor to print - What you are seeing on screen and in print isn’t necessarily accurate – it all depends on your display. The colour performance of monitors and printers change over time – phosphors and liquid crystals fade causing the display to drift into unknown colours. hueyPRO calibration brings those m
      • Multiple monitor calibration increases colour fidelity from monitor-to-monitor-to-print - Achieve colour fidelity between all displays on your system with multiple monitor calibration. Through multiple monitor calibration, you ensure accurate onscreen representation on all of your displays.
      • New colour patches added to the calibration process for precision accuracy.
      • Advanced Help built in provides step-by-step instructions through calibration and beyond - The ALL NEW Advanced Help found in hueyPRO walks you through not only the calibration process, but also what to do next. Detailed explanation into colour science and calibration, as well as output options, gives you the choice of a quick and easy colour correction or an in-depth understanding of the science behind the hueyPRO.
      • User-defined Whitepoint and Gamma combinations provide substantial control over the calibration and output matching - Tune your calibration to a specific output destination or try different settings to see what works best for you. Now you have the option to choose your own combination of Whitepoint and Gamma targeting in calibration for a new level of customized profiling.
      • Zero in on shadow detail and highlights with the enhanced LCD calibration.

      System Requirements

      • CRT and LCD Monitors
      • Windows® 2000, XP, Vista, 7
      • 32 or 64-bit modes
      • Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
      • USB port
    • PANTONE ColorMunki Design

      Color Bridge SetMEET COLORMUNKI DESIGN - The Innovative new way to create your own world of colour.

      ColorMunki is the do everything solution that gives you the freedom to design with any colour from the visible spectrum, even ones you never thought possible. Now you can swing from inspiration to production without losing colour quality. And ColorMunki is so versatile, it's ready to help no matter where you grab your next idea.


      All-in-One spectrophotometer puts the world of spectral colour at your fingertips – easily capture colours and calibrate all your monitors, printers and projectors. A white calibration tile is integrated, so there’s nothing to lose or match up to your device. Also includes a protective bag which doubles as an integrated monitor holder and it all fits in the palm of your hand. This truly is your do everything colour solution!


      Create with Freedom - The world is jumping with inspiration and with ColorMunki Design the possibilities are virtually limitless. Bring your vision to life as you grab colours from essentially anywhere!

      Experience the freedom to swing from palette to palette utilising any colour from the visible spectrum. ColorMunki Design Palette Creation software is so versatile. You can easily:

      • create and name unlimited custom colour palettes
      • select colours from PANTONE® and other built-in Libraries
      • select colours from dynamically associated Harmony, Variation and Similar colours
      • capture any colour from any substrate
      • automatically extract colour from any image
      • search colour themes by words like “fresh”, “sporty” or “vivid”

      ColorMunki Design provides unique verification tools that allow you to quickly preview your colours before you go to production:

      • PrintSafe™ one-click out-of-gamut view for different printer and paper combinations
      • preview palette for CMYK or Spot colour print
      • evaluate colours under different light sources

      Communicate Effortlessly

      When everything works together, bringing your vision to final production is the language of great design. ColorMunki provides you with essential communication functions such as:

      • automatically synchronise palettes to Adobe® Photoshop®, InDesign® and QuarkXpress® or export to your favorite design and photo applications
      • add colours from your OS picker
      • view colour data in LAB, CMYK and sRGB

      Calibrate with Ease

      ColorMunki makes sure your design goes from inspiration to screen to print without ever sacrificing quality with the new powerful, self-guided software interface.

      Display Calibration

      With both easy and advanced modes for LCD and Laptop displays, you’ll master the colour jungle in a snap. Easy mode has predetermined selections, so you don’t need to be a colour expert. For those looking for more control over whitepoint, contrast, brightness or ambient measurements, choose the advanced mode. And, DDC auto detect control will quickly determine if your monitor is compliant and if so, perform all advanced calibrations automatically, delivering a high quality profile.

      ColorMunki can calibrate multiple displays with ease and provides before and after visualization, as well as calibration reminder prompts.

      Printer Calibration

      Complete colour control and optimized printer profiling makes sure that the colour you see on your display is the colour that you get.

      Projector Calibration

      Tired of making excuses for your projected work? ColorMunki technology will give you fast and accurate projector profiles so you can show your designs on the big screen to clients, family and friends with colour confidence!

      ColorMunki Design INCLUDES: White ColorMunki spectrophotometer, ColorMunki palette creation software, ColorMunki colour calibration software, ColorMunki protection bag/monitor holder, Quick Start Guide and USB power cord. ColorMunki Design includes a limited seat license with exceptions educational institutions.

      System Requiements


      • PowerPC® G4 or G5 or Intel processor (G5 and higher recommended)
      • MacOS X 10.4, 10.5 with latest update installed
      • 512 MB RAM (1GB and higher recommended)
      • 300 MB of free disk space
      • Powered USB Port
      • 1024 x 768 or higher display resolution with 16-bit video card
      • DVD-ROM drive
      • QuickTime 7 software required for multimedia features
      • Internet connection for software updates
      • Broadband Internet connection required for online services*
      • Network card required


      • Microsoft Windows XP 32 & 64 or Vista 32 & 64 with latest service packs installed
      • Intel® Pentium® 4, Intel Centrino®, or Intel Core™ Duo (or compatible) or AMD Athlon XP or better CPU
      • 512 MB RAM (1GB and higher recommended)
      • 300 MB of free disk space (additional free space required during installation)
      • Powered USB Port
      • 1024 x 768 or higher display resolution with 16-bit video card
      • DVD-ROM drive
      • Internet connection for software updates
      • Broadband Internet connection required for online services*
      • Network card required
    PANTONE Color Cue 2.1 PLUS PGEB105 $544.50 buy now
    X-Rite i1Display LT XEODLT $POA  
    X-Rite i1Display 2 XEODIS2 $POA  
    PANTONE Huey PRO X424622 $POA  
    PANTONE ColorMunki Design PMEU115 $POA  
    PANTONE Color Cue 2.1 PLUS PGEB105 $654.50 Inc. GST
    X-Rite i1Display LT XEODLT $POA
    X-Rite i1Display 2 XEODIS2 $POA
    PANTONE Huey PRO X424622 $POA
    PANTONE ColorMunki Design PMEU115 $POA

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    Brochure available for the X-Rite and Huey products. Download it now!
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