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EGX-30A Desktop Engraver

EngravingEngraved Awards

Roland engravers combine reliability and ease of use. The EGX-30A is today’s most cost-effective, computerised engraving solution. It’s ideal for producing badges, signs, awards, personalised gift items and rhinestone decorated apparel. Powered by a 20,000 rpm DC brushless motor, the EGX-350 desktop engraver quickly and easily produces a wide range of popular jobs with crisp text and clear graphics for custom rhinestone apparel as well as awards, signs and gifts. The EGX-600/400 benchtop engravers provide High Speed Engraving (HSE) combined with heavy-duty power and unmatched precision. A host of advanced features make them versatile and easy-to-operate. These computerised engravers enable you to produce a wide variety of applications including 3D reliefs for distinctive signs as well as name plates, awards and trophies, medallions, ADA signage, control panels and much more. A powerful suite of software is included

Glass engravingEngraving on Cylindrical Metals and Glass

Engineered for ease of use and safety, the Roland EGX-360 Rotary Gift Engraver engraves complex designs onto curved, cylindrical, domed, flat and irregular surfaces including glass, acrylics, woods, laminates, metals and many other materials. Extensive fixture options secure a variety of products, including glassware, bottles, vases, tankards, goblets, flasks, watches, rings, pens, plaques, trophy cups, trophy shields, signs and control panels.

Full Color Awards

Nothing gets attention like colour. For truly custom awards, you can reverse print and die cut graphics with a Roland VersaCAMM printer/cutter and mount on the back of engraved acrylic for a 3D effect. More traditional plaques really pop when sublimated. Roland Hi-Fi Express 74” sublimation printer turns the ordinary into extraordinary.

Photo ImpactPhoto Impact Printing

For an unbelievably low entry-price, you can add value to a wide range of jewellery and gifts, turning them into treasured mementos. Roland’s unique MPX-90 Photo Impact Printer quickly and easily add text, photos, logos and other artwork to a wide variety of metal and acrylic items from souvenirs and plaques to charms and pendants.

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  • EGX-30A Desktop Engraver

    The Roland EGX-30A desktop engraver produces everything from gifts and awards to signs and rhinestone decorated apparel. This cost-effective engraving solution comes complete with bundled software, a vacuum hose and a brass adaptor for scribing. The EGX-30A boosts production and profits as it runs quietly in any office setting.

    Engraving Guide

    Feature Summary

    • Engraving software, engraving tool and vacuum attachment included
    • 305 x 205 mm (12 x 8 in.) work area
    • USB port and cable included
    • Quiet operation
    • Create All This!

      SamplesThe EGX-30A is truly a versatile machine. The desktop engraver churns out safety signs, sign plates, name plates and small sign boards. It’s also a wiz at producing a wide range of personalized gifts and awards.

    • Custom Rhinestone Apparel

      One of the EGX-30A’s hottest new applications is custom rhinestone apparel. The device works seamlessly with optional Roland R-WearStudio to quickly produce precise and intricate rhinestone patterns. Jobs are completed in just five steps. Check out the workflow below:

      Design > Engrave > Brush > Apply > Heat Press

    • Easy Operation

      Dr. EngraveThe EGX-30A makes engraving easy. Simply use the bundled Dr. Engrave software to design your badge, nameplate or plaque and generate the engraving path. Then, with a push of a button, the desktop device automatically detects the material’s thickness when the tip of the nose guard touches the surface. While engraving, you can effortlessly adjust the feed rate and spindle rpm by simply turning the knob located on the control panel.

    • High Speed Performance

      Powered by an advanced DC brushless motor, the EGX-30A delivers the fastest production speeds in its class. Whether you are personalizing gifts and awards or creating custom rhinestone apparel, more speed ultimately translates into more profits.

      Check out how long it took to produce the files below!


    • Compact Performer

      Say good riddance to that old pantograph machine! The EGX-30A’s low profile, small footprint and quiet operation make it the perfect desktop engraving device for any office, shop or even home. Yet, its 12-by-8-inch work area and industry-standard 0.125-inch diameter spindle provide professional-grade precision and performance.

    • Bundled Software

      Dr. Engrave uses TrueType fonts and includes an automatic layout function for importing Excel and CSV database files for fast engraving of product serial numbers and nametags. The software quickly and easily imports data and places columns of information into pre-defined text boxes to produce corporate nametags and entire door-numbering projects. Dr. Engrave is compatible with Windows®2000/XP/Vista/7 (XP/Vista/7, 32 & 64 bit editions).

      The EGX-30A is compatible with most engraving programs on the market. In addition to Dr. Engrave, the EGX-30A is compatible with FlexiEngrave 8.51, EngraveLab v7.1, TriPoint 9.6, and Roland R-WearStudio.

    • Optional Software

      The EGX-30A is compatible with most engraving programs on the market, including FlexiEngrave 8.51, EngraveLab v7.1, and Roland R-WearStudio.

      R-Wear SoftwareRoland R-WearStudio makes it easy to produce apparel decorations featuring rhinestone embellishments and heat transfers using vector-based designs, logos and lettering. The software turns a $50 pair of jeans into trendy, custom couture that retails for $150 and up. You can import your own graphics, rhinestone patterns, personalized lettering, unique backgrounds and more for the ultimate in customization.

      Roland R-WearStudio also comes complete with library of 500 hot-fix rhinestones that match the different colors, sizes and types available on the market. R-WearStudio has automated fill patterns and the ability to adjust rhinestone placement. The software also has the ability to calculate setup cost for rhinestones to make pricing out jobs easier.

    • Bundled Equipment

      The EGX-30A comes with a full set of tools, saving you money and getting you up and running right out of the box. The desktop device also comes with a vacuum attachment to make production clean and efficient. A USB port and cable ease setup and communication with engraving software.

      Roland also carries an assortment of accessories that include engraving cutters, diamond scribe and burnishing tools.

    • Materials

      The EGX-30A makes it fast and easy to engrave wide variety of materials. The desktop device handles light metals such as brass, aluminum and copper for diamond scribing great looking trophy plates. It also engraves plastics for producing professional looking badges, nameplates, key rings and luggage tags.

    • Roland Reliability

      ISORoland engravers have earned worldwide reputation for reliable performance and outstanding results. Like all Roland products, they come with an international ISO certification. This signals Roland’s commitment to offering top quality products backed up with first-rate customer service and a wide variety of supplies and accessories.


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    Awards & Gifts

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    Model EGX-30A
    Table 305 x 205 mm (12 x 8 1/16th in)
    Max. operation area 305 x 205 mm (12 x 8 1/16th in)
    Feed rate 50mm/sec. (1 15/16th in/sec.)
    Mechanical resolution 0.01mm/step (0.000394 in/step), 0.00125mm/step (0.0000492 in/step) using micro step control.
    Software resolution 0.01mm/step (0.000394 in/step)
    Distance accuracy +/-0.1mm/step (0.000394 in) or +/-0.5% of moving distance, Whichever is greater.
    Right-angle accuracy +/-1mm (305mm) [+/-0.000394in (12 1/16” in)]
    Spindle motor Brushless DC motor, maximum 27W
    Revolution speed 5,000 to 10,000 rpm
    Engraving tool mounting diameter 3.175mm (1/8in.)
    Acceptable engraving materials Plastics (ABS, Acrylic) and Brass and Aluminum for Scribing
    Speed of tool up / down movement 1 per sec.
    Interface USB 1.1 (compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 1.1), Serial (RS-232C compliant)
    Mode Indicators 2 (ENGRAVER/SCORE)
    Power requirements Dedicated AC Adapter: AC 100 to 240V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz
    Machine: DC 24V, 0.7A
    Acoustic noise level Operation Mode: 70 dB (A) or less, Standby mode: 40dB (A) or less (According to ISO 7779)
    External dimensions 513 mm (W) x 491 mm (D) x 217 mm (H) [20-1/4 in. (W) x 19-3/8 in. (D) x 8-9/16 in. (H)]
    Weight 13.2 kg (29.1 lb.)
    Packed dimensions 863.6 mm (W) x 609.6 mm (D) x 304.8 mm (H) [34 in. (W) x 24 in. (D) x 12 in. (H)]
    Packed weight 17.0 kg (37.5 lb.)
    Operation temperature 5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F)
    Operation humidity 35 to 80% (no condensation)
    Accessories AC Adapter, Power cord, USB Cable, Dust collector hose and duct, Character cutter, Engraving-tool holder, Diamond scribe adapter, Hexagonal screw driver, Spanner, Hexagonal wrench, Test material, Adhesive sheet for securing material, Roland Software package CD-ROM, User’s manual
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