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Easy Shape Dental

Roland Easy Shape Dental Solution

Drawing on 20 years of proven milling technology, Roland's open architecture dental solutions enable laboratories and technicians to consistently produce precision prosthetics every time. Offering a convenient desktop size, Roland's milling machines are ideal for laboratories or office environments. Specifically designed to reduce production costs, Roland's easy-to-use and affordable dental solutions enable you to take control and manage your production in-house.

Roland Easy Shape stands for the Company's philosophy in the dental industry. Market-leading products, high-quality materials, and sophisticated, cutting-edge technologies combine to create the finest dental milling devices and precision results for your laboratory.

A true open architecture system, Roland dental machines integrate with industry standard 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software to provide an overall production solution. This means that when you own a Roland milling machine you are not tied into expensive hardware/software to complete the end-to-end solution. Plus, you have the flexibility of moving between different hardware/software providers in the future, as your Roland milling machine will seamlessly integrate with them.

So if you want to incorporate Roland's milling device within your existing set-up then you can. Or, if you currently outsource your work and you want to bring production in-house then Roland provides an open architecture milling solution that gives you the flexibility to choose which providers you want to use for the other elements of the end-to-end solution.

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