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iModela Desktop Milling Machine

Training the Next Generation

With CAD/CAM now a core part of the Design & technology process, it’s good to know Roland have all the products needed to educate; from simple plotters and knife cutters to powerful 3D milling machines and wide format printer cutters. Compatible with the most widely used educational software, Roland products easily fit into almost any IT infrastructure. Thanks to their exceptional reliability and easy of use, Roland GX vinyl cutters, printers and milling machines have for years been the choice of industry professionals - the ideal machines for training the next generation.Use Roland’s MDX range of milling machines for product design or subtractive rapid prototyping, GX-24 vinyl cutters to cut lettering and produce simple vinyl graphics to enhance designs, or VersaCamm printers to create full-colour contour-cut graphics for signage, displays and textile transfers.


CNC milling is an essential component of product design, rapid prototyping and manufacturing. Now your students can learn Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing with the MDX-40A and the TechSoft Education Kit. The Roland MDX-40A milling machine is easy to set up and use, yet exceptionally versatile. Functional prototypes and parts can be produced out of a wide variety of non-proprietary materials with exceptional precision and surface finish. Easy-to-use CAM and simulation software is included, allowing students to easily go from their 3D CAD software to 3D parts using industry standard .stl files. The ability to use G-code allows educators greater flexibility and ease of integration with industry standard CAM programs.

Graphic ArtsGraphic Arts

With the TechSoft GX-24 Education Kit, your students will learn how to cut vinyl for signs and vehicle graphics, cut heat transfer materials for decorated apparel, and cut card stock for packaging. Due to their exceptional reliability and value, Roland CAMM-1 vinyl cutters have for many years been the tool of choice for sign shops, apparel decorators and educational institutions worldwide. The GX-24 desktop vinyl cutter adds optical alignment to allow printed graphics to be automatically aligned and accurately contour cut. Included CutStudio™ software lets users enlarge, reduce, reposition, rotate and mirror images.

Our Solutions Start by Teaching the Teacher

What makes the Roland educational kits different is the focus on teacher success. Too many technical training products require expertise on the part of the teacher to figure them out on their own. Teachers must spend hours and hours studying technical manuals just to operate the machine! TechSoft Education Kits are used in thousands of schools worldwide and were designed by technical educators who understand the need to quickly come up to speed with a variety of real world projects. With Roland TechSoft Education solutions, you have the confidence and skills to teach your students the concepts they need for future success!

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  • iModela Desktop Milling Machine

    Model aircraft, monsters, space craft, toy soldiers, whatever floats your model boat, iModela is guaranteed to inject inspiration and creativity into your life. The iModela is Roland's NEW, affordable, easy to use desktop device that precisely mills 3D shapes, patterns and designs out of wax, foam, wood and plastic commonly used in the craft, jewellery and hobby markets.


    With a working area of 86mm x 55mm x 26mm and easy to use USB connectivity, the Roland iModela incorporates 25 years of Roland's proven professional milling technology into an easy to use device. The iCreate software allows you to create and mill shapes, holes and patterns with precision straight out of the box.

    iModela has it's own dedicated website, YouTube site, Twitter account, Facebook page and user forum to allow you to share your ideas and gain inspiration from others.

    Feature Summary

    • Precisely mills 3D shapes, patterns and designs out of foam, wax, wood and plastic
    • iModela Creator, Roland’s 2D design software, is included, allowing users to accurately mill shapes, holes and patterns right out of the box
    • Affordable, easy-to-use platform for exploring creativity
    • Easy to setup and operate, with just a power switch, LED display and control panel for adjusting computer settings
    • Compact, desktop device that comes in a dedicated carrying case and travels easily
    • iModela artists can share projects and learn from others around the world by joining the online community via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

    iModela Creator Design Software

    With the iModela Creator design software included, the iModela is a complete system for producing a wide range of items, from charms, pendants and key chains to small figurines and accessories.


    iModela Creator allows users to create and mill shapes, holes and patterns with precision straight from the box. Free-hand drawing tools are available so users can sketch out more complex ideas. With iModela Creator, users can either download a file or create original 2D designs. Intuitive menus and icons make design and production easy, even for novice users, and with the freely downloadable Modela player 4, 3D models can be created in a few simple steps. Once the milling material is loaded, the iModela produces the design in precise detail.


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    Model iM-01
    Material that can be cut Soft material such as resins (conductors such as the metals and the carbons are off the subject).
    X, Y, and Z operation strokes X, Y, and Z: 86 × 55 × 26 mm (3.39 × 2.17 × 1.02 inches)
    Distance from collet tip to table Maximum 55 mm (2.17 inches)
    Table size Width × depth: 86 × 55 mm (3.39 × 2.17 inches)
    Mountable cutting material weight 200 g (0.4 lb)
    X-, Y-, and Z-axis drive system Stepping motor
    Operating speed X and Y axes: 6 to 240 mm/min (0.24 to 9.45 inches/min)
    Z axis: 6 to 180 mm/min (0.24 to 7.09 inches/min)
    Software resolution 0.01 mm/step (0.00039 inches/step; RML-1), 0.001 mm/step (0.000039 inches/ step; NC code)
    Mechanical resolution 0.000186 mm/step (0.00000732 inches/step; micro steps)
    Spindle motor iM-01 spindle motor
    Interface USB (compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0 Full Speed)
    Control command set RML-1, NC code
    Power supply conditions Dedicated AC adapter AC 100 to 240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz
    Machine DC 24 V, 0.7A
    Power consumption Approximately 14 W
    Operating noise During operation: 57 dB (A) or less (when not cutting), during standby: 39 dB (A) or less
    External dimensions Width × depth × height: 214 × 200 × 205 mm (8.43 × 7.87 × 8.07 inches)
    Weight 1.7 kg (3.7 lb)
    Installation environment Operating environment: Temperature of 5 to 35°C (41 to 95 °F), 35 to 80% relative humidity (no condensation) Ambient pollution degree: 2 (as specified by IEC 60664-1)
    Included items Power cord, AC adapter, USB cable, cutting tool (axis diameter: 2.35 mm, Tip of the blade diameter: 1.6 mm), mounting screws (for fixing the cutting tool in place), hexagonal wrench (for fixing the cutting tool in place), spare hooks, replacement spindle motor, blower fan, maintenance grease, cleaning brush, double-sided tape, trial cutting materials, trial scrap plate, flathead screwdriver, Roland Software Package, setting boad, and user's manuals
    System Requirements for USB Connection
    PC A model preinstalled with the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows XP, Vista, or 7, or a PC preinstalled with Windows XP or later that has been upgraded to a later version of Windows.
    USB cable Use the included USB cable.
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