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SRP Player Pro

Turn Concepts into Reality

The ever increasing demand for high quality product design places real pressure on designers to visualise their concepts quickly, accurately and above all cost-effectively.

The Roland range of digital workbench tools and 3D scanning technology enable a wide range of materials to be modelled and a concept to be proven in a material before committing to a full production version. By inexpensively turning concepts into three-dimensional prototypes our range enables multiple concept iterations to be modelled quickly and in a variety of materials.

By keeping the process in-house you are able to produce tangible prototypes to test ergonomics, fit, form, function and pattern-making, with the obvious benefits of eliminating costly outsourcing and maintaining the security of proprietary concepts - all of which makes perfect business sense.

PrototypesRapid Prototyping Made Easy

Many product designers and engineers who are researching additive RP systems as a way to test form, fit and function of their prototypes may be unaware that there is a better, cheaper, faster solution. Roland subtractive RP systems (SRP™) produce form models faster than any 3D printer on the market and easier than any other CNC mill on the market. That’s because Roland offers a complete software/hardware solution that combines the ease of use of 3D printers with the benefits of CNC-machined parts.

MDX-40A and MDX-540 series milling machines cost significantly less than 3D printers while producing precision prototypes out of a wider variety of non-proprietary materials. A larger selection of materials makes it easier to create prototypes, including UV resistance, bending strength, surface hardness and electrical conductivity. This is particularly important for biomedical and food processing products, where biocompatibility and chemically inert properties are critical. Roland SRP solutions come with SRP Player, powerful, easy to use CAM software that delivers the speed, tight tolerances and exceptionally smooth surface finishes required for prototyping and customised rapid manufacturing applications.

PrototypesFunctional Prototypes

Mill functional prototypes using a wide range of materials that additive systems do not support. Users can choose from popular engineered plastics such as ABS, Acetal and Nylon, as well as acrylic and polycarbonate for transparent parts and a variety of woods and metals including aluminium, brass and copper. Compared to additive RP systems, Roland desktop devices produce functional prototypes that are better for structural, thermal and electrical testing.

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  • SRP Player Pro

    Roland SRP Player Pro is ideal for all rapid prototyping and custom rapid manufacturing applications. The CAM software simplifies the production process and generates tool paths that turn out parts with smooth surfaces and accurate, fit-tight precision.

    Features Summary

    • Optimum tool paths for each application for surface or polygon data
    • Produces flawless shapes with smooth, accurate curves
    • Extends the lifespan of tools by reducing their load
    • Cuts only desired sections, producing shapes with maximum efficiency
    • Detailed parameter settings ensure professional precision and quality
    • Easy-to-use, intuitive operation
    • Compatible with all Roland MDX Series milling devices
    • Better Tool Paths = Better Parts

      SRP Player Pro uses advanced polygonal smoothing technology to achieve especially smooth surfaces using STL files. It also takes IGES files and generates tools paths directly, without converting them into polygonal data. So, you get the best possible results no matter what type of files you are using!

    • Ease of Use

      SRP Player Pro offers a straightforward and intuitive workflow throughout the design and workflow processes. The software simplifies production using graphics and guides users though each step, without jumping ahead. .

    • Longer Tool Life

      Longer tool lifeSRP player Pro will actually extend the life of your milling tools. It generates ultra-efficient tool paths that reduce tool load, letting you produce more parts on your existing tools. A great savings of time and money!

    • MDX Series Compatibility

      SRP player Pro is compatible with all Roland MDX series milling devices. So, if you are looking for high performance CAM software to run your desktop mill, look no further! SRP Player Pro blends advanced tooling technologies with easy, intuitive operation. It’s ideal for production environments where speed, tight tolerances, and smooth surface finishes are critical.

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    • Roland SRP® Technology

      SRPSRP (Subtractive Rapid Prototyping) – starting with a solid object and removing unwanted material – has several advantages over traditional 3D printing. Desktop milling machines cost significantly less than 3D printers, while producing prototypes out of a wider variety of non-proprietary materials with greater precision and better surface finish. The technology is also better suited for a wide range of custom rapid manufacturing applications.

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