• How do I book my machine in for service?

    Fill out Contact Support form, or Contact Roland DG and to find out the best way to organise a service in your region.

  • How do I update my VersaWorks software to the latest version?

    Update Your VersaWorks Software Automatically with Roland@NET - click here for more information.

    Otherwise you can obtain software updates and current media profiles through a manual update process. Follow these step-by-step instructions to complete this process.

    • 1. Close Roland VersaWorks.
    • 2. Navigate to Start > All Programs > Roland VersaWorks and select Online Update.
    • 3. Open the Update Settings window by navigating to Settings > Preference.
    • 4. In Update Options, check Download Updates for Media and Color Profiles and select All updates.
    • 5. Click OK.
    • 6. Click Check for Update.
    • 7. If an update is available, the Select Updates window is displayed. Make sure all available options are checked in this window.
    • 8. Click Update and the software will start downloading the updates. Please note that a DOS window will appear. Depending on the speed of your computer, it may be displayed for a few minutes. Please wait until it closes by itself or a message "Press any key to continue" is displayed.
    • 9. Click OK once the download is completed and the software will be automatically updated.
  • I have a problem when checking for updates with VersaWorks.

    I get the message "The operation timed out" when checking for updates. What is the problem?

    (1) A firewall may be blocking your access to the Internet. Disable the firewall and try again. (2) If you use Proxy Server for Internet access, set the appropriate proxy address in Roland VersaWorks or in the Online Update utility. To set the proxy address, go to Edit > Preferences > Roland@NET in VersaWorks or Settings > Preference in the Online Update utility and set the proxy address and port in the Proxy field. Please contact your network administrator if you don't know this information.

    The updater quits with an error and VersaWorks is not updated. What should I do?

    Please try again. If you experience the same error multiple times, change the update option to only download application program updates. Once you have successfully updated the applications program, launch and close Roland VersaWorks once. Then execute the Online Update again to get the additional profiles.

    The update was completed successfully, but no profiles were added (or it is still missing profiles for some common media). How can I correct this problem? 

    Make sure you have configured to download the color profiles. If this is the first time you executed Online Update, launch and close Roland VersaWorks. Then perform the online update again.

  • Where can I find drivers or profiles for my device?

    Visit the Downloads section of our website to find a range of resources for your device.